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Sunrise in Plochingen

In the past few months, I got another chance to use my camera and go on an adventure to take some good photos. I usually go to work early. Sometimes, I don't take the bus or train and drive my car instead. When I drive, I cross a bridge and always look to the left at Plochingen's skyline. I really like the view, especially with the sunrise coming up. Many times I thought, "This Saturday, I'll get up early, go to that bridge, and take some nice sunrise photos." But on a lot of Saturdays, I just stayed in bed.

One day, though, I got up early, took my camera, and drove to the bridge. I looked online to see when the sunrise would be in Plochingen. But I forgot about how the bridge is lower than the hill, so I had to wait more. While waiting, a small spider was there with me, and I took some photos of it too. Enjoy😊

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