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on a journey through my hood

yesterday i had the spontaneous idea to grab my cam and go on a journey to the adjacent villages to take some pictures of the autumn environment. i started at my home, walked through the downtown of plochingen, where i have found an awkward statue covered with a facial mask. meanwhile a friend of mine wanted to gather at some sun flower field at the golden hour, which i spotted a week ago. so then i headed to altbach, in the direction of these fields. there i spotted some moss on the walls, i don't know why, but i like photographing moss. 😄

i got pretty hungry so i looked for kebab restaurant to please my stomach. the sun flower fields and i had to wait for the arrival of my friend. so i started to discover the near surroundings, where i spotted a black cat. but i think the cat spotted me first, haha.

then i headed back to the train station and my friend arrived and we rushed to the destination, since the golden hour was near. sadly i hadn't the matching lens with me to do some portraits. luckily my friend didn't come alone and both had some matching cameras with them, so i observed and tried to learn how they did some pictures.

here are some pictures that took on this journey, enjoy!

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