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Projekt: Dragon Ball Monopoly

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

I’m a big fan of the manga Dragon Ball and the iconic board game Monopoly. Monopoly is available in many different versions, unfortunately there is none about Dragon Ball. That’s why I started planning such a game a long time ago. The game was planned for a long time, now the implementation follows.

In this post I would like to post my steps gradually, how far I am currently.

Status 03.04.2016:  What would the game be without Dragon Balls? For this I ordered orange glass marbles.

Dragon Balls

Status 12.04.2016: Instead of the silver shoe, the dog and the other original figures, there are own Dragon Ball figures. Still a solid state is missing, but you can still get that. 🙂


Status 24.04.2016: Before I will order the final print, I did a test print with my own printer. Looks pretty good!


Status 21.05.2016: That’s how the bills will look. Does anyone recognize one of the symbols?


Status 29.05.2016: The tiles are ready, the figures are standing!


Status 23.10.2016: Sooo, summer break is over, now something is being tinkered again. These are the two new card types in addition to the Event and Community Card.


Status 05.02.2017: The „streets“ cards are there and all the characters are neatly stowed away.


Status 07.02.2017: Today the game board, the box and the play money arrived. The game board will be shown on Sunday in an extra post.


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