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International Password Day

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Today, 07.05.2020 is the international password day. This day shall be a reminder for everyone to check passwords for security issues. Many people reuse there passwords or use pretty simple ones. On this present day you should encourage yourself and others to reevaluate each password used.

If you struggle maintaining all your passwords, there are a few recommendations from my side, which can help you to organize your credentials.

Lastpass lets you store any information in the cloud. With this advantage you can access your data from anywhere you want, like your laptop, tablet, smartphone or at any browser at your friends house. Additionally you can use it to share credentials between lastpass applications or family members. Not every feature is included in the free version, so check this overview and choose which tier fits your needs.

Keepass is another useful tool to manage your secrets. It’s completely free and open source. Compared to lastpass, keepass stores all data locally in a kdbx file. So, if you want to synchronize between your devices, you’ll have to do it manually. This can be a downside but also an advantage, because you are the maintainer of your data and you don’t store it in the cloud. There is also a version for your mobile devices here.

If you want to check if your credentials were leaked somewhere, you can check this website. It shows you which website was hacked in the past and which usernames and passwords are known to the public or your potential attacker. Just try it out, check your email and password for leakage.

One last word, it’s always good to have a long and strong password. A long password should have at least 16 characters or more. A strong password should consist of numbers and alphabetic characters, in best case with special characters like # or _. But be aware, if you don’t use password managers like lastpass or keepass, you are likely to forget these passwords. You should choose passwords which are hard to guess but easy to remember for yourself like illustrated by

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