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Dragon Ball Monopoly is ready!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

It is finished!

After what felt like an eternity, I finally managed to complete a modified version of Monopoly in the style of Dragon Ball. Now it is done, look at the game and the new rules! So if you want to play a game, write me. There is only one version. 🙂 The core of the game has not changed, but has been enhanced with new game elements:

  1. Free Parking: This is now the field „Budokai Tournament“. Any player passing this field will leave a marker there. Once all players have deposited a marker, the K.O. Principle fought until only one player remains. This player gets a bonus.

  2. Off to prison: This is now the snake trail in the afterlife. If you stay there, you will not go directly to the „prison“. If you hit this square with an odd number of dice, you fall down. With an even number, you’re lucky, and you’re allowed to stay at this place.

  3. The Prison: This field is the „blood-red pond“. As soon as you fall from the snake path in this pond, you get a second character (soul), this must again run to the snake trail. Only then the normal figure can be played again. While playing with the soul, you can not take or pay rent.

  4. LOS: As soon as you get above GO, you also receive a Dragon Ball. If you collect 7 of these balls, you can draw one wish, and there are two additional card types.

  5. Dragon Ball card: One expresses a wish of which one benefits itself positively.

  6. Shadow Dragon Ball Card: Here it is exactly the opposite, the desire has a negative effect on the other players.

  7. Tax: Just before and after GO, there is the tax field. If you stand on it before GO, money must be paid as usual. After the GO the freshly won Dragon Ball has to be given back.

If you also want to make your own version of Monopoly, there is a special version. This is called „My Monopoly“ by Hasbro and is available on Amazon.

Have fun, here are the pictures:








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