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covid-19 aftermath

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

a little insight in the city plochingen

since the weather starts getting better, i decided to grab my camera and walk around my city, see whats blooming and growing around here. sadly there weren't only flowers and trees sprouting from the ground, there was also a lot of trash, specially masks. as i continued walking, i realized that i stopped looking for the young green of this year and started looking for masks lying on the floor and in the bushes.

so this was my route i've been walking. i don't know how often the city cleans up the streets, so i can't tell how long these masks are already lying there, but based on the looks a few masks are there for weeks and others look like they were never worn. i don't want to blame the city for this mess, i'm just wondering how it is possible that so many masks in such a small area land on the floor. i could imagine that people who throw their cigarette filters on the street, are the same people who do the same with the masks, but the most masks i have found were next to a school and a kindergarten. so who are these people? teachers, students or the parents, i have no idea. it makes me sad.

but no worries, a few days later i grabbed a bucket and cleaned up this mess. i hope that with the end of the pandemic and no need to wear masks, people don't get the chance to drop trash recklessly on the floor like that. even though i found lots of masks like that, the majority of the litter was still cigarettes. i am also not perfect, i do also sometimes drop something without noticing, but lets not litter on purpose. so lets be more careful with our environment.

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