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brace yourselves java 17 is coming (6/6)

hands on: java 17

in the last few episodes we've learned a lot about new features in java. all these features will finalized and released in the upcoming java 17 update in september, so no new features can be expected in this version if you already know everything from version 12 to 16. java 17 will be the next big long term support candidate with free public updates until end of the year 2029.


in summary i'm very excited about the release of java 17. i use the new features a lot, but many build tools can't keep up with the new pace of the release cycles of oracle. specially the smaller providers, with limited developer power will wait for the lts release and will start adapting it then. i will also try to introduce the new java version to my coworkers i'm working with.

in a few days, the time has come.

so what do you think about the changes? do you like it and will try to adapt them in upcoming process, or will you wait before using it? let me know.

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