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about me.

hey, my name is klemens living in germany. i'm born in russia and moved to germany with my family. people sometimes ask my where exactly i came from. i'm from magadan, this usually doesn't help at all, so i always start showing in on a map, but roughly said, i'm pretty close to japan, that would maybe describe my affinity to anime and japan culture, hehe.

from kindergarten over school to university, i've always loved building things. in 2005 i started building content on the internet, small websites, logos flash apps for fun. in 2010 i began building android apps for my courses in the university and in my spare time. after my graduation in 2015 i fell in love with java and building bigger applications, this continues to this day and will be my liking in the future i guess.

in 2020 i bought my first camera and started photographing everything that i can catch in front of my lens.

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