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about me.

Hey, my name is Klemens, living in Germany.

From kindergarten over school to university, I've always loved building things. In 2005, I started building content on the internet, small websites, logos, and Flash apps for fun. In 2010, I began building Android apps for my courses at the university and in my spare time. After my graduation in 2015, I fell in love with Java and building bigger applications. This continues to this day and will be my passion in the future, I guess.

In 2020, I bought my first camera and started photographing everything that I could catch in front of my lens.

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This is my newest passion. I started with landscape themes, flowers, and plants, but I also like to get very close to the object to capture all the details. This new hobby started when I bought a smartphone with a good lens. In early 2020, I bought my first DSLR camera. I'm still at the beginning of this adventure and I have lots of new things to discover, learn, and share.


tech stuff.

I'm a techie. I've been in love with coding since 2005 and like to build applications in my spare time for any need or the company I work for. I also love to work on small projects with tiny computers like the Raspberry Pi, but also enjoy being more creative, salvaging gadgets, and building something new from them.



Everything I plan to do, achieve, or learn, I like to share it with my environment. This page is the opportunity to share it with the entire world, start a conversation, and to get in touch with others. I might be a bit shy, but I enjoy being around people with the same interests and could talk about it all day long.


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